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Every coffee lover knows that waking up and brewing that first cup is the best part of the day. A coffee station is not only practical, but a great decor element that adds a little flare and personality to an unused corner of your home. 

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It's that time of year when our new year's resolutions are top of mind. For some, it’s a healthier lifestyle, for others it's setting the intention to be more mindful. Whatever your resolutions are for the year to come, the secret to accomplishing your goals is to create new, healthy habits. At the end of the day, a list of goals is meaningless without a clear plan of action for how to achieve them.  Read more
Not every meal has to be complicated and time consuming. If we practice methods like crockpot cooking, or one-pan roasting for example, it’s possible to have a healthy meal prepped and ready in under thirty minutes.  Read more
From natural body lotions, to plant based candles- self care essentials took the cake in 2021, so we rounded up the most popular wellness and beauty items that our community just couldn't seem to get enough of.   Read more
As a host, you want your holiday gathering to be perfect- with delicious food and beverages, and a warm and well decorated atmosphere for friends and family to mingle and have fun. Read more
The funnest part about Christmas morning? Stocking stuffers, obviously! That's why we've counted down 20 unique stocking stuffers under $20 that the whole family will love. Read more
Christmas shopping for babies and toddlers aren’t the easiest to buy for, but if you focus on items that make everyday life at home easier for the family, foster the child’s development, or speak from the heart- you'll be just fine!  Read more
Whether it’s your brother, dad, or husband, finding the perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life is not an easy feat. But we believe there's a perfect gift out there for everyone on your list- that's why we've rounded up our list of unique gift ideas for men at every price point- from $25, to $100.  Read more
As you’re checking items off your shopping list for the holidays, your mind may naturally veer  towards bigger box stores. But shopping at local small businesses in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz offer their own benefits.  Read more
Holiday gatherings are meant to be enjoyed. There’s no need to stress as long as you follow this simple etiquette on how to be a good dinner guest in 2021.  Read more
The years of milk and cookies and letters to Santa with children fly by, so it’s important to keep the spirit of Santa alive while you can with this list of creative and simple ways to keep the magic of Santa alive for your children.     Read more
The most thoughtful and unique Christmas gift ideas for Mom at every price point, from $50 gifts, to $200 gifts. Whether it's something to keep her cozy, a stylish new accessory, or a decorative piece for her home- there are so many items on this list to show Mom how much you care. Read more