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Non-Toxic Candle Buying Guide 2022


Candles elevate our homes all year long, but there’s something extra special about candles in our homes during the autumn and winter.

But did you know thatmost candles are made of paraffin wax which releases highly toxic carcinogens?  Plus, many scented candles have wicks that contain heavy metals, like lead. So after just a couple of hours of burning, you’re emitting plenty of harmful chemicals throughout your home.  

Thankfully there are eco-friendly, toxic-free choices because I mean who wants to give up candles?! 

How to find Toxic-free Candles

When looking for authentic clean-burning candles you need to consider three things: the wax, the wick, and the fragrance. Luckily we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best non-toxic candles to help elevate your home for Fall. 

The Cottage Greenhouse Candles

The Cottage Greenhouse candles are hand-poured in small batches & packaged in beautiful keepsake ceramic containers. And of course, they are 100% toxic-free. Having never been tested on animals and using zero animal bi-products, these candles are cruelty-free and vegan-approved as well.



The Cottage Greenhouse candles are made with a non-GMO soy wax blend so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals in your home from them. The best part about these eco-friendly candles is they have an 80-hour burn time, which is a long time as far as candles are considered.  

Their gorgeous ceramic containers are the cherry-on-top, and ideal for complementing bohemian decor schemes. The white textured candle container can even be reused for keepsakes or as a succulent pot. 

Broken Top Candles 

Broken Top Candlesare noted for being some of the best clean-burning soy-based candles on the market in 2022. Made with cotton wicks, and natural fragrance, you don’t have to feel an ounce of guilt when you burn these in your home. 



These natural candles have an urban apothecary look and feel to them so you’ll want them out in the open- positioned in the center of your coffee table, or on your bedroom nightstand. 

Juniper Smoke is a festive scent for Fall. When you burn it, it feels like you’re sitting outside by a campfire roasting marshmallows.    

The Broken TopSaguaro Cactus scented candles are made with clean agave, aloe, moss and cactus flower fragrance- a floral masterpiece that will refresh your home for Fall. 

Barr-Co. Candles 

We love Bar-co candles. All Barr-Co. candles are hand-poured in small batches with a 100% natural soy and vegetable wax blend. 



Barr-co fir and grapefruit candlesare made with juicy grapefruit zest and the clean fresh woodsy notes of fir oils create an intense rush of invigorating, yet comforting notes that’s perfect for Fall vibes. 



You can find quality clean-burning candles from artisans and small businesses in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique or Home by Zinnia’s.