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How to Wash Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Jellycathas built an empire on the idea of obscure and out-of-the-ordinary stuffed toys. You can find just about anything you can think of, potted plants, food scraps, cosmetics and beauty goods- all perfectly packaged in a soft, stuffed toy suitable for all ages (even adults). 

But their popularity raises the question: how do you keep your children's favorite stuffed animal clean? 


How to Wash Jellycats Without Ruining Them 

Because Jellycatsare of higher quality than most stuffed animals on the market, you want to make sure to take care of them properly, which means cleaning them without damaging them. Luckily, there's a foolproof formula for this!

Step 1: Check the tag for care instructions 

If there are specific care instructions other than what's being stated in this article, they will be outlined on the tag (typically located on the bottom of the Jellycat). 


Step 2: Surface Wash with Non-toxic Soap 

The Jellycat manufacturer recommends only surface washing the stuffed animals, and using mild, non-toxic soap to do so. So this means not throwing your Jellycat in the washing machine with your other stuffed animals, as it could damage the toy. 

Using non-toxic soapis best for washing high-quality stuffed animals like Jellycats. If your child or anyone in your household suffers from allergies you'll want to make sure the soap you use is hypoallergenic as well. You can find plenty of safe and eco-friendly soap online at Zinnia's Gift Boutique. 

Submerge the Jellycat in a bucket of cold water and your choice of non-toxic soap, delicately using your hand or a microfibre cloth to rub the stuffed animal, making sure to release any dirt from its fur. 


Step 3: Dry with a Hairdryer on Low Heat 

Do not put your Jellycat in the dryer or hang it on the line to dry as the fur of the Jellycat could become stiff and grungy looking. The best way to dry a Jellycat after washing is to use a hairdryer on low heat. 

Take your time with the blowdryer, slowly moving it around the surface of the stuffed animal without getting too close to it. We suggest using a comb or hairbrush to make the fur feel extra soft. 



If your Jellycathas been significantly soiled where a hand wash just won't suffice, it is possible to wash your Jellycat in the washing machine. If your Jellycat is dirty enough that it has to be washed in the washing machine, then you must remember two things to maintain the quality of the toy: wash it with cold water, and put the toy in a tied mesh bag before placing it in the machine.


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