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The do's and dont's of Baby Shower Gift Shopping


New mom-to-be’s are bombarded with gifts at their baby shower, so it’s important to abide by proper baby shower etiquette and follow the dos and donts of baby shower gifting. Well, it’s 2022 so there is no shortage of baby gifts being marketed to us online.  

As a guest, you want to gift something the mom will appreciate, but also something unique and personal. We get it! 

Here are some basic rules to follow when shopping for a baby shower gift in 2022. 

Do: Buy from the Gift Registry 


If there’s a gift registry, buy something from that. It’s there for a reason, after all. Many women are quite particular with their style, so before you go out and buy decorations for the nursery that you think areto die for, check if there’s a registry first! The mom-to-be will thank you, trust us. 



Do: Gift Something Personal 


If you know the parents well then you have a great opportunity to gift something personal, like a hand-knit bonnet with their name on it or a keepsake box. When shopping for something unique and meaningful, you’ll want to avoid the big box stores and lean more towards locally owned boutiques, like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique, for example. At small, family-owned shops you are bound to find a baby gift that will stand out among the rest that the parents will cherish for years to come. Not to mention many of the items in shops like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique are often handmade and sourced from local artisans and makers, so you know they will be of high quality.  

Do: Give Diapers and Wipes 

Diapers and wipes are literally never a bad idea. The soon-to-be parents will go through more diapers and wipes than they will be able to count, and the cost of these essentials add up over time. 



Do: Give a Gift Card

Ok, we know what you're thinking,a gift card? Isn't that like, the least personal gift of all time?Well, yes. We would never recommend a gift card for a birthday present, for example, but parenting is different. Parenting costs a lot of money and requires an endless amount of essential products, like wipes, specialty soaps, clothes that are quickly outgrown, and the list goes on and on. That’s why gifting a gift card at a baby shower is actually a great idea, and is very much appreciated by the parents. 


Do: Gift Organic Clothing 


Many moms and mom-to-be’s are opting for eco-friendly organic clothing for their children these days, especially in California. So make sure to ask the parents their preference on the matter before buying clothes for your baby shower gift. 

For the ten best organic baby clothes and eco-friendly baby toy ideas, check out our recent article. 

Ok, now for the do not’s of baby shower gift shopping in 2022… 


Don’t: Buy Clothing Intended for other Seasons or Ages 


Buying clothing for when the baby grows a size larger or two may seem like a great idea, but unfortunately we have no way of knowing what size the child will be in relation to the seasons ahead. This is why we recommend sticking to newborn clothes when gifting baby apparel. 


Don’t: Get Items for the Nursery Without Knowing their Interior Style 

New moms usually have a clear vision of what they want their baby's nursery to look and feel like. The process of decorating a nursery is kind of a big deal for the mom, especially if this is their first child- so be courteous and ask their style preference before buying something for the nursery. Chances are they already have everything just the way they want it, so you’re better off sticking to a gift that’s either meaningful or practical. 


Don’t: Forget to Give a Gift Receipt 

One thing youcannot forget to put with your gift is the gift receipt! In fact, we’re pretty positive gift receipts were made for baby showers. There are so many unknown variables with baby gift shopping and you don’t want the parents to have difficulty returning the gift if they have to. For example, they could receive two of the same gift, or the baby might not fit into standard baby clothes. You just never know, so it’s best to make it easy for the parents and put the gift receipt inside your card with the gift.  

So there you have it- the do’s and do not’s of baby shower gift shopping in 2022. This is not a definitive list by any means, these are just our recommendations. You know the mom-to-be and therefore should be able to gauge the types of gifts she’d prefer for her shower if there isn't already a gift registry. If there isn’t a gift registry, keep it practical with essential items like wipes, diapers, and gift cards to common baby stores, or give a personalized gift with meaning from an independently owned boutique like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique. You can shop their store in Scotts Valley, California or online.