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How to Create Simple Thanksgiving Tablescapes for Fall

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year on November 24th? 

Creating the tablescape is the most enjoyable among the long list of things to prepare when hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to take a moment to set the table and exercise our creativity.

Aside from pie, dining room table decor is a major element of setting a cozy Thanksgiving dinner vibe for your guests. Whether you’re hosting a small intimate gathering or a full-blown feast, the table decor is everything. 

So take note: it’s time to get inspired by these festive tablescape themes for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Elegant, Classic White Tablescape 


A simple, all-white tablescape is a beautiful style for Thanksgiving dinner. Crisp white linen textures combined with off-white details are a timeless tabletop approach for any time of year. Throw in some greenery and gold trimming, and you’ve got a gorgeous table that feels elegant, yet effortlessly put together.



Here are some essential items to curate the timeless all-white look for your tabletop:


  • Textured white fabrics. With all-white decor, textured elements are crucial for depth and dimension. For example, if you’re using a cotton tablecloth, use textured napkins, like linen or silk (or video-versa). 
  • White or off-white dishes. For this theme to work, all the dishes should be white or off-white, including the serving dishes if there are any on the table. 
  • Stemmed glasses with gold trim are a tiny detail that can’t be missed. Hints of gold trim and details add a touch of elegance that really elevates this theme. 
  • Real Touch faux greenery, like eucalyptus or ivy. This will make the tabletop more interesting and create an elegant contrast with the white. 


    Traditional Thanksgiving Tablescapes with Sentimental Touches 

    There is nothing like a traditional Thanksgiving tablescape with tall candles, earthy hues, gourds, and your grandmother's fine dishes. With a traditional tablescape theme, it’s less about being on-trend or stylish, and more about creating a welcoming atmosphere and meaningful experience for your guests. 

    Lauren atBless’er House nailed the meaningful experience with these count your blessings cards she intentionally placed at each setting. 


    Another way to make your guests feel special is to create name cards for each place setting. Assigned seating instantly makes the evening feel more like an intentionally crafted experience rather than a basic dinner. 

    This theme is a wonderful way to incorporate family Thanksgiving traditions into the mix as well, like letting your children make the centrepiece, or foraging for flowers for the table together. 

    Here are some essential items to curate the traditional Thanksgiving feel for your dining room table: 

  • Personalized name cards. A name can be displayed on anything- from tiny pumpkins, to delicately wrapped foliage, so try to think outside the box for a more memorable experience. 
  • Family memorabilia and passed down holiday decor 
  • Dried flowers. These could be Real Touch faux flowers from your local home decor store, or you could even forage an assortment or flowers and dry them on your own.
  • A variety of gourds and pumpkins from your local home decor, or even grocery store!    
  • Metal accents, like bronze cutlery and candlesticks. 
  • Earthy textured elements, like wood, burlap, and stained glass. 

  • Eclectic and Playful Tablescape  

    Some of us take a modern and stylish approach to holiday decor, whereas others prefer an eclectic, mismatched look for their tabletop. While an eclectic tabletop is still intentionally curated, it’s less matchy-matchy, and feels more quirky and playful. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and dried flowers, it can be owls and fresh daisies, or whatever you want it to be! 


    The fun thing about eclectic tablespaces is they often creatively incorporate items you already own, like books, old vases, and odds and ends you have around your home. Create small groupings of items so it’s almost like you have several mini-centerpieces down the table for the ultimate fun and eclectic tabletop. 


    One more thing to remember: an eclectic Thanksgiving tabletop uses a variety of hues, so this theme isn’t for those who avoid playing with color. Rather than browns and oranges, think blues, yellows, and purples. 

    Here are some essential items to curate when designing your fun, eclectic tablescape: 

  • Vases and candleholders in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 
  • Decorations in unusual texture, like velvet pumpkins or figurines made from wood. 
  • Colorful hues. Whether it’s flowers, or your dinnerware, using a variety of color is crucial for this theme to come together.  
  • Mismatched, soulful decor. Gather some of your favorite trinkets from around the house, or go to a local shop like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique to gather some decorative items that don’t necessarily match, but make your soul feel good. 

  • Inspired yet? Try taking a walk outside or head to a local home decor store, like Home by Zinnia's in Scotts Valley. If this article didn't inspire you, than the collection of locally sourced, handmade goodies there definitely will!