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UGears Heavy Boy Truck

Ah, the open road. There is a certain romance to the feeling of sitting high atop an 18-wheeler, traveling all around the country. Whether you drive late nights or early mornings, work for a company or are an owner/operator, or even if you just like trucks but have never actually driven one, you can't deny the appeal of so much freedom. UGears wants to bring that freedom to you with its Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 model kit. Sit back and reminisce about your time on the road as you spend hours building this highly detailed, fully functional model.


The UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 model kit is a fully functioning vehicle complete with tractor, trailer, and hitch. The wind-up truck uses a rubber band-based motor with an R6 engine that allows it to drive up to 16 feet with a single crank. A working transmission system provides movement that can go forward or backward, or you can idle it to get a good look at the inner workings in motion. When you do decide you want your model to move, use the front-sprung wheels and working steering wheel to choose the direction you want it to go. The traditional hitch system connects your tractor and trailer together, just like the real thing.


The aesthetic appeal of the UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 kit leaves nothing to be desired either. The robust long-hauler truck features a detailed design that recreates all the elements you've come to expect in a real-life tractor-trailer rig. The steampunk style means you see everything going on inside your working model, and large pipes, two sets of side mirrors, and the realistic hitch system ensure its authenticity when it comes to looks. UGears didn't skimp on the small details of this model kit either. The tractor features a ladder to the cabin, a sleep station, and even a television set. In the back, you'll find a shovel and a gas can. Even the license plates are made with extreme attention to detail, and everything is created with a high-grade wood that was laser-cut for precision.

More Information

The UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 model kit is an excellent choice for hobbyists who are experienced at building models or who want to start taking time on longer projects. This kit includes 541 separate parts and takes about 8 or 9 hours to build. Each part is made to be cut from the sustainable high-grade wood and fits together like a 3D puzzle, which means you do not need to purchase any special glue or tools to put this model kit together. You won't be left to your own devices though. Like every other UGears kit, this one comes with a full-color set of instructions that provides a detailed, step-by-step guide for you to follow while putting together your truck. The guide is available in 11 different languages, including Polish, Turkish, Korean, and English. This ready-to-assemble model was created for hobbyists and trucking enthusiasts ages 14 and older.

Size: 15 х 5.1 х 6.7 in 
Package size: 14.6 х 6.7 х 2.0 in
Number of parts: 541
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 8-9 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 3.09 lbs

Manufacturer: UGears