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Self-Care Tips for Moms Who Don't Have Time for Self-Care


Self-care advice is always the same… meditate, exercise more, take a long hot bath. 

But what do you do for self-care when you barely have time in the day to take a ten-minute shower? For working parents, it can be extremely difficult to schedule time in the day for yourself because you’re so focused on taking care of your family and everyone else around you. 

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! 

We see you, we hear you. We know you're tired of seeing the same old self-care tips that are clearly meant for people who have a lot of free time on their hands. Self-love is something we preach because it is so important to leading a happy and healthy life. It doesn't matter if you have 15 minutes to practice it, or an hour and a half, every minute counts.

In this article, we're going to show you how you can implement a realistic self-care routine that actually works for you and your busy schedule.   


Declutter and make your atmosphere beautiful 


It turns out, clutter has a negative effect on our mental health. Research has found that stress hormone levels tend to be higher in mothers with a cluttered home environment.  

It's difficult to be productive when our homes are a mess, too (where are our work-from-home Moms at?!). 

So do yourself a favour: start decluttering and making your space beautiful! It doesn't have to be every room in your house, but rather choose the two rooms you spend the most time in and go from there.

If you're a coffee-lover, you could make your favorite part of the day even more joyful with an elegant coffee bar that's perfectly organized with everything you need to make a cup of java.  

Does your at-home office feel like an office? If your desk faces a boring, undecorated wall then try creating a collage with some of the photos that bring you joy.  

Plants and candles are two simple additions to a room that makes a big difference in creating that calm and relaxing vibe.   

 We like to rearrange our living room twice a year to keep the Fengshui flowing. Sometimes all it takes to freshen up a room are a few new home decor items, like throw pillows or art. And sometimes a room needs a new look and feel altogether with a new unique piece of furniture. Home by Zinnia's is 

We believe in taking an authentically curated, soul-filling and inspired approach to designing your home and lifestyle. That's why all of the furniture and home decor at our second store, Home by Zinnia's is mindfully curated for the aesthetically minded woman.   



Go grocery shopping on your own 


Ok, hear us out on this one. For moms, grocery shopping tends to be kind of a nightmare when you bring your kids, "Can we have frozen pizza for dinner every night this week?!", "We need five different kinds of cereal!". We've all been there. 

But picture this: you decide to leave the kids at home with a sitter or your partner for an hour and you go to the grocery store on your own. Maybe you get a Starbucks on the way and put your earbuds in as you shop. You start to romanticize your dinner plans for the week as your mind wanders to new places, why not try the Indian spice blend instead of the same old Italian seasoning this time?

You don't have time to get creative when you bring your kids grocery shopping, let alone actually enjoy the experience. 

When you're a busy Mom, scheduling little moments like this for yourself (even if it is to do a "Mom thing" like grocery shopping) really goes a long way. 



Listen to a podcast or audiobook 

Podcasts and audiobooks are ideal sources of entertainment when you're always on the go and can really help get your mind off whatever's bothering you.

Connect your phone to Bluetooth on your drive home from dropping off the kids, or listen to an episode while you're running errands. One of our favorite times to listen to audiobooks is when we're doing the dishes because it makes a dreaded task feel not so terrible.   



Add one beauty product to your nighttime routine 


We've all seen those YouTube videos of celebrities' nighttime skincare routines. They load on about 20 different products, all the while making it look easy and attainable.  

As busy, working Moms we just don't have the time for serums, oils, scrubs, lotions, and fancy face masks that take a half-hour to set and dry. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing with your skin. You don't have to spend an hour in the bathroom (and hundreds of dollars) to practice self-care. 

Sometimes taking five minutes to use one effective skincare product before bed is all it takes! For example, using a face roller for a couple of minutes can stimulate the blood flow to your face, helping your skin look brighter.

Try browsing our self-care section at Zinnia's and choose just one product to add to your nighttime routine. It could be a soothing eucalyptus body lotion, an exfoliant, or even an eye mask.  

Even if it's one simple thing, it's an act of self-love- it makes you feel good about yourself and that's what matters. 



If you don't take time for yourself, burnout will creep up on you, and that feeling of overwhelming exhaustion is very real.

We hope this article has inspired you to start taking little steps toward self-care, whether you decorate a room in your home or get your husband to stay with the kids while you run errands. Every minute you take for yourself counts, and over time you will start to feel like a happier, healthier, and more empowered woman.