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How to Create Your own Coffee bar at Home

If you clicked on this article, chances are you are a coffee-lover, which means your home isn’t complete without a designated station to make your favorite drink. Every coffee lover knows that waking up and brewing that first cup is the best part of the day, so why not make it even better with a cute coffee station you’re proud of, and that works for you! 

A coffee station is not only practical, but a great decor element that adds a little flare and personality to an unused corner of your home. So go make yourself a cup of java and follow along as we go through the simple steps to making your own coffee station at home.  

Get Inspired


Coffee stations have been trending for years now, so there is no shortage of inspiration on the internet. And there are many different approaches to take, so it’s smart to do some research before you decide which design is best for you and your home. For example, you could choose to use a mobile cart, or you could go the stationary route and use a section of your countertop if you have extra space in the kitchen.

The possibilities are endless, so do yourself a favor and start searching for inspo on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok! 


Find the Perfect Location 

Now that you’ve decided on a style,  it's time to find the spot in your home best suited for a coffee station. Make sure there is an outlet and enough space to fit everything you need, like your coffee machine, some storage, and whatever decor elements you’d like to include. 

The first spot you probably thought of was the kitchen, but dining rooms, living rooms, and offices are also great options for a coffee station. Think about what will be most practical for you; where do you drink coffee the most? If you work from home, then your office is likely the best spot. If you’re a brew-and-run-out-the-door kind of person, then the kitchen makes the most sense so you can multitask and make breakfast while your coffee’s brewing. 

Gather utensils and essential items 



Every coffee connoisseur has the essentials for making their perfect cup of joe. First decide between the Keurig, espresso machine, or drip coffee maker– using more than one will make your space look crowded and messy. If the french press is your go-to, remember to allow enough room for your kettle. 

One of the major appeals of a coffee station is how perfectly organized everything looks– we’re talking mason jars, canisters, baskets, floating shelves, anything you can think of that will help keep everything in order and in its place and looking pretty. Don’t forget to check Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and thrift stores before you buy new storage items. You can save a lot of money buying second-hand, plus it’s a way more sustainable option!  

Now that you have your design, your coffee maker of choice, and your storage items, it’s time to gather the essentials, like mugs, spoons, spices, syrups, sugar– whatever you need to make your perfect cup of joe should be included. And we can’t forget the not-so-sexy essentials, like coffee filters, and a place to keep your used grinds.

Make it yours with decor 

Ok, now it’s time for the fun part: decorating! Adding your own personality to the coffee station is what’s going to make it feel like your own little paradise. If you’re inspired by the vintage decor, try adding bunches of dried herbs to mason jars or thrifted vases. Trying to create that European cafe vibe? Write your favorite coffee combos on a chalkboard and hang it above your station. For a more modern feel, look for metal accessories, like copper mugs. And of course, adding that natural element to the space with a plant or two is always a great choice. 


This sign screams ‘coffee station’, but if it’s not your vibe, consider incorporating some signage of sorts, or some coffee-inspired wall art. If you feel like getting crafty, you can make your own sign, like this one. Pinterest will be your best friend for finding some DIY coffee sign inspo.



As you can see, there is no definite formula when it comes to coffee stations. So open your mind and get creative– this is a chance to mix things up and play with the feng shui of space in your home without doing a full-on reno. 

You can find mugs, specialty coffees and teas, and many unique decorative pieces to add your own personality to your coffee station at Zinnia’s. You can shop our online shop, or come say hello to us at our boutique in Scotts Valley, California. 

Time to go brew another pot!