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This is why Everybody Loves Jellycat Toys

Sure, you could give your newborn a fluffy stuffed rabbit for comfort, but that’s what every kid has. Why not give them something totally unique to coddle, like a stuffed piece of brie cheese or cob of sweetcorn?

Yes, the idea may sound strange at first.

But Jellycat has built an empire on the idea of obscure and out of the ordinary stuffed toys. You can find just about anything you can think of, potted plants, food scraps, cosmetics and beauty goods- all perfectly packaged in a soft, stuffed toy suitable for all ages (even adults). 

And the proof is in the pudding with these unusual and instantly recognizable toys because children and newborns absolutely love them. I mean what's not to love, have youseen Jellycats? They are adorable. 

Not to mention, they’re designed with a high standard of quality, so Jellycat toys will last forever and are safe for children, too. 

So which Jellycat toys are the most popular at Zinnia's Gift Boutique, you ask? Here are the five most popular Jellycat toys that our customers and their children absolutely love. 


Amusable Watermelon Jellycat 

The Amusable watermelon Jellycat has been a favorite for a while now. And is it any wonder why? It's vibrant shades of pink and green are so fun and playful- you don't have to like watermelon to fall in love with this Jellycat toy. 

Shop the Watermelon Jellycat here. 


Amusable Pretzel Jellycat 

This squishy silly is golden brown, with cocoa cord boots and stitched salt speckles. Children love the life-like details of the design, but the plush and squishy material are what make this Pretzel Jellycat the ultimate companion for children and newborns. This Pretzel Jellycat will need its own seat at the breakfast table soon enough! 

Shop the Pretzel Jellycat here. 


Fuddlewuddles Elephant Small Jellycat 

All of the Jellycat toys are designed with soft fabric, but this Fuddlewuddles Elephant Jellycat is the epitome of cushy comfort. That's likely why this Jellycat is such a popular choice of gift for babies and newborns. It's smaller than the original Jellycats, so it's the perfect sized companion and cuddle buddy for babies and toddlers. 

Shop the Fuddlewuddles Elephant Small Jellycat. 



Amusable Tulip Jellycat 

The Amusable Tulip Jellycat isn't just for newborns and children. We've seen this top-selling toy be bought as a get well soon gift and for birthday presents. That's the amazing thing about Jellycats- there's one for everyone, no matter the age. This Jellycat would sit perfectly on a shelf to make for a fun and playful decoration. 

Shop the Amusable Tulip Jellycat. 


Grumpy Fish Blue Jellycat 


Somehow the grumpy look on this fish's face makes this Jellycat more lovable. Children adore him, and parents always get a kick out of the unimpressed features on this hilarious stuffed toy. This one is unique in its design, with pretty blue and grey spotting and mesh-like fins, making this a Jellycat to hold onto for years to come.

Shop the Grumpy Fish Blue Jellycat. 



Shop Jellycats and many more unique children's toys at Zinnia's Gift Boutique in Scotts Valley, California.