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These are the top Wedding Decor Trends of 2022


March 1st was National Wedding Planning Day- a day to commemorate the transition from engagement season, to wedding planning season. The style of weddings has changed drastically over the last few years with more intimate, less traditional trends taking over (one of the positive effects of the pandemic).  

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially if you opt-out of a wedding planner and take on most of the planning yourself. But whether you’re planning a micro-wedding or an eco-conscious wedding, there doesn’t seem to be any stringent must-do’s like there have been in the past around the big day. However, there are some major wedding decor trends hitting the scene this year that we think you’ll love just as much as we do. 

Keep reading for some of the biggest wedding decor trends of 2022!

Monochromatic Tones of Florals 

Floral arrangements are a key element of decor at weddings, and according to multiple high-profile events planners, the style of those arrangements are changing. 


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Monochromatic tones of florals are taking centre stage this year, whereas in the past few years brides have typically gone with more garden-inspired, romantic bouquets with a variety of flowers. 

Expect to see smaller collections of blooms with similar hues, and larger Japanese-inspired flowers, like peonies and lotus flowers. This new trend is somewhat of an entourage effect of the flower shortage from the pandemic.      


Micro-weddings and Intimate Vibes 

Another pandemic-born trend that seems to be sticking is micro-weddings. Regulated guest counts over the last few years initially seemed daunting to the bride and groom, but a limited guest list ultimately eases the financial pressures of the big day and makes for a much more intimate atmosphere with your closest family and friends. When you feel like you have to invite all of your second aunts and uncles who you haven’t even seen in years, your guest list (and budget) can easily get out of hand. 


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According to Wedinspire, the percentage of couples wanting 100 or more guests has dropped from 50 percent to 17 percent compared to 2020, with the majority of couples looking to invite 30-75 guests. 

Even the couples who do have a larger guest list are creating more intimate spaces within their venue that compliments the setting, like smaller nooks with textured furniture.  

Lots of Greenery with pops of Vibrant Color  

A wedding decor trend that’s been emerging over the last couple of years is nature-inspired decor,  from floor-to-ceiling floral arrangements to lots and lots of greenery! Anything that makes the vibe feel more like an outdoor wedding is a go in 2022.  



The color palettes tend to be nature-inspired hues as well, like creamy yellows, sage, and our personal favorite, rust-brown. However, bold splashes of more vibrant shades are expected to make a big appearance at weddings in 2022, and we areso here for it! 

While the neutral, nature-inspired shades will be at the forefront of the palette, there will be playful accent hues like Super Sonic blue, fresh Fair Green, playful Bubblegum pink, and vivid Coral Rose (the top Pantone color trend forecasts for Spring/Summer 2022). 

Interior Furniture for Decor  

Using indoor living room furniture started to pop up at weddings more in 2021 and has since evolved into one of the most popular decor trends of 2022. 


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Incorporating tasselled armchairs and velvet couches into your layout is not only appealing to the comfort of your guests but also makes for a very elegant look and feel. Carpets, floor lamps, and wooden dining room furniture are other interior pieces being used in outdoor wedding venues.

We love this trend because it lends a larger range of versatility to the decor of the event and in many cases reflects the unique style of the bride and groom. We hope this trend is here to stay for the next few years at least.    



Eco-Conscious Weddings 

Given the state of the environment in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, California with our water supply and drought conditions, couples are looking to reduce their environmental footprint now more than ever. This means cutting back on waste or having a plastic-free wedding, for example.

When it comes to food, younger couples are attracted to more sustainable options, like plant-based dinners and seasonal, locally sourced ingredients- two menu trends that have gained popularity over the last year or two.   



Another eco-friendly trend that’s on the rise is up-cycled decorations either reused from other brides, or thrift stores bargains. Brides are even opting for pre-owned wedding dresses– a smart eco-conscious decision, but also a savvy play for your wallet! 



If the pandemic has taught us anything it's that weddings don’t need to be big, extravagant events with a bunch of distant relatives you barely know. Now more than ever, couples are taking a less traditional, more unique route to wedding decor with less waste in more intimate settings.

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