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The Ultimate 5-Step Mindful Morning Routine


There's so much chaos in the external world. The only way to effectively manage the stress that life throws at us is to balance our internal self with healthy habits to nurture our bodies, mind, and spirit.

The best way to do that is to start each day off with a fool-proof mindful morning routine. 

Avoid Technology 

Most of us reach for our phones as soon as we wake up out of habit. Before we know it, we’re scrolling through Instagram, checking emails, and replying to non-urgent texts before we’ve even brushed our teeth. 

Experts recommend going screen-free for the first hour you’re awake to avoid getting bogged down by stressful emails or toxic Instagram culture first thing in the morning. Your goal for a mindful morning is to start the day off with silence- even if that means waking up an hour earlier than the kids.  

Hydrate Before Coffee 

Once we get up, we’re practicallycrawling to the coffee maker-heck, it’s what gives us the motivation to get out of bed in the first place! But try holding off on the coffee until you have at least one glass of water or a cup of tea. In the morning when our cortisol levels are already at their highest, water or tea should take precedent over coffee.  

Water kickstarts your entire body and helps get your metabolism and digestive system flowing. Not to mention, if you drink water as soon as you wake up, you’re more likely to drink more water throughout the day.      

Tea is a fool-proof way to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you’re not a big water drinker. This also lends us a moment in our busy mornings to be mindful and appreciate the lovely smell and warm soothing feeling of holding and sipping our tea. 

Tea comes in many different flavors to choose from, plus tea is packed full of healthy herbs and antioxidants that your body and skin will absolutely love. 


Do you know what pairs well with morning tea? 


Writing in a morning mindfulness journalis an incredibly helpful practice to instill mindfulness not only in our mornings, but throughout the entire day. Journaling reminds us to take a moment to pause and reflect rather than constantly thinking about what our next move will be. 



Experts say the secret to starting the day off right is to make gratitude your first thought. Writing down a few things we're grateful for can positively influence our entire day and help us to move through the world with love and kindness towards others. 

So even if you only have five minutes to journal in the morning, use that time to write down what you are grateful for. You can use a guided gratitude journal, or simply make jot notes in a journal of your own. 


You can’t have a mindful morning routine without a little meditation. Even if it’s only for ten minutes before you start your day, research shows that adding meditation to your morning routine makes you less stressed, improves concentration, and even decreases blood pressure throughout the day.



If you’re unfamiliar with the principles of meditation, the idea of sitting in silence can seem overwhelming. Start by reading a book on meditation, or try downloading a meditation app to help you get started. It really isn't as scary as it seems once you start practicing!  

Healing Crystals  

Crystals are minerals that help purify, balance and realign our internal chakras, making them an essential component of a mindful morning routine. Whether you incorporate crystals into your meditation practice or make a conscious decision to put on jewelry made with healing stones, crystals will help you stay balanced and calm all day long. 


Labradorite and amethyst are commonly used in prayer or meditation tostrengthen internal relationship with yourself and help let go of the ego. There are several other healing crystals to choose from and many different ways to use them. 


The truth is, we never know what curveballs the day will throw our way, but it's not about what happens to us, it's about how we handle it that is the important part. With this fool-proof mindful morning routine, you'll have the perfect head-start you need to take on the day with confidence and calmness. 

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