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The Do's and Do not's of Wedding Gift Shopping in 2022


So you’ve just been invited to a wedding, or you’re catching up on all of the covid weddings that were postponed until this year. Now it’s time to plan your outfit and start shopping for a wedding gift!  

There are a lot of questions when it comes to wedding gift shopping, like, “How much do I spend on a wedding gift?” and “If I bring a date to a wedding, do I have to spend more on the gift?” These are valid questions, and in today's world our traditions are fading, and expectations are ever-changing- so how are we supposed to know what’s ok and what’s not ok when it comes to gifting the bride and groom? 

Well, for starters, there is a rough guideline to follow when it comes to how much to spend, which is based on your relationship with the couple: 

  • Close Friend or Close Relative: $150+
  • Friend or Relative: $100-$125
  • Co-Worker, Distant Family-Friend, or Distant Relative: $50-$100 

Alright, now that you know roughly how much you’re supposed to spend on a wedding gift, now let’s get down to the do’s and don’t’s of wedding gift shopping. 


Do: bring a card

Whether there’s cash in it or not, it’s still customary to bring a card with your wedding gift. It makes sense, I mean how would they know who the gift was from if there wasn’t a card with it? 

For artistic, handmade wedding cards, check out a local gift shop like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique in Scotts Valley, California. If you are bringing cash in a card as a gift, then it’s nice to put more effort into the card rather than just buying one from Target. 

Do: give a gift with meaning

Read the invitation carefully to see if there is a preference for gifts or a reference to a wedding website or registry. If there are no specifications for gifts included in the invitation, then you have leeway on what you can bring as a wedding gift. 



If you’re close to the bride or groom, a gift with meaning is a special way to show your love and pay tribute to the new journey they are embarking on. For example, rather than giving them a set of towels for their guest bathroom, you could give them a piece of art by a local artist you think they will love. If they like to entertain, a gorgeous piece of dinnerware from Annie Glasswould be a great wedding gift.  

When shopping for artisan, heartfelt gifts, it’s best to look in boutiques and smaller, family-owned businesses to find something truly unique, like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique for example.  

Do: follow the registry 

If there does so happen to be information about a gift registry on the invitation, then try to buy something from the registry. Couples are often picky with how they want to decorate their home, or it could be that they already have a lot of things for their home that guests would normally bring for a gift,  like serving platters or bedding- so it’s best to abide by the couple's wishes and shop their registry if they have one. 

Do: spend a little more if you're bringing a date

If you’re bringing a date to the wedding, consider spending a little more on a  wedding gift. Take into account that the couple will be hosting your date at their event, so food and drink for your partner will be provided by the couple. 

Don’t: bring a large gift to the wedding

Bringing a large gift to a wedding isn’t a good idea for one simple reason: the bride and groom will have to find out how to lug it home at the end of the night. Not to mention, you may struggle carrying it into the venue with your heels and dress. 



It’s best to stick to smaller items when shopping for wedding gifts, like champagne glasses, figurines,or sentimental art. This stunning rock artcollection at Zinnia’s Gift Boutique would make a lovely heartfelt wedding gift that’s the perfect size to cart in and out of the event.  

Don’t: wait to send your gift 

Some people say it’s ok to wait up to one year to send the bride and groom your wedding gift, but we have to disagree. If your gift will be late because of shipping or availability reasons then it’s ok if you ship the newlyweds their gift a few weeks after the wedding, but please don’t wait a year. It could leave a sour taste in their mouths if they have a whole year to think you haven’t given them a wedding gift! 


Shopping for a wedding gift doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply follow the spending guidelines mentioned above, shop from the registry if there is a reference to one in the invitation, and if there isn’t try to find a gift that is personal to the bride and groom from a boutique that carries unique, locally made items like Zinnia’s Gift Boutique.