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Home Decor 101: How to Make Faux Flowers Look Real


Flowers breathe life into our homes, and after a long and drawn-out winter that’s just what we need to ring in Spring. 

We love picking up a fresh bouquet at our Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz markets or grocery stores, but real flowers are not always the best option for home decor. Real flowers can be pricey, and before you know it they’re wilting and shedding petals all over your countertop. 

The solution? Faux flowers! Fake flowers still add that Spring flare and pop of color to your home but are much more practical than fresh flowers. 

We know what you’re thinking, fake flowers always look so… well,fake

If you don’t know how to decorate with fake flowers they can look a little tacky, but there are a few simple tips and tricks to follow that will actually make your fake flowers look real. 

Trust us, your guests will never be able to tell the difference!

We’ve mastered the art of fake flower decor, and we’re going to share our best fake flower decorating tips so you can, too! 


Opt for high-quality fake flowers 

When it comes to fake flowers, you get what you pay for, so if your goal is to make them look real then opt for quality fake flowers, not dollar store fake flowers. 

Real Touch flowers are high-quality artificial flowers made to look and feel real. These sought-after flowers are made with silk, silicone, and latex, so when you touch them it’s so similar to touching real flowers that many cannot tell the difference. 



You can shop a variety of in-season Real Touch flower blooms at Zinnia's, from vibrant tulips to stunning purple iris'



Add some real flowers to the mix

The only thing lacking with Real Touch Flowers is the scent. A simple solution to this is to mix a few stronger-smelling, real flowers with your bouquets like roses, gardenias, or lilies. This way you get the fresh floral aroma of a real bouquet at half the price. 



Use essential oils to elevate the atmosphere  


We like to rub gardenia orylang ylang essential oilon the petals of the fake flowers, or strategically place this Rosy Geranium diffusernear our arrangements. Having gorgeous floral scents wafting around your fake flowers will solidify the illusion that they’re real. Plus, these sweet, botanic essential oil aromas are just the thing you need to elevate the atmosphere of your home for Spring.   



Make the stems look Imperfect

Fake flowers look better when they are not perfectly arranged or placed perfectly symmetrical because the flowers, stems, and leaves of real flowers are far from perfect. 

First, separate the fake bouquet into individual stems with a pair of wire cutters. Don’t even try to use your scissors because you’ll ruin your blades! Once you have them cut, we like to bend the stems a little bit.   

The result is a perfectly imperfect faux bouquet that looks impressively like a real bouquet of fresh flowers! Your guests will never be able to tell the difference.  



Courtesy of: Stone Gable Blog 



Use a gorgeous vase for your fake floral arrangement    

 When decorating your home with fake flowers, it’s important to use beautiful vases and vessels to keep your bouquets in. 

 A unique hand-painted vase or Laicy Daisy glass vase will be the first thing people notice when they spot your floral arrangement in your home. Odds are they will be in such awe of the beautiful craftsmanship and detail of the vase, your flowers will be an afterthought. 




Make sure to choose a style of vase that compliments the design of the room it’s sitting in. At Zinnia’s, we have an eclectic assortment of vases to suit any home, from square rustic vases made of clayto vases decorated with flowers hand-painted in watercolor.   



Add water to the vase 

 The easiest way to spot if flowers aren’t real is whether or not there’s water in the vase. This is perhaps the most straightforward tip to making your faux floral arrangements look real,  but it’s often overlooked. 

 We get it, it feels a bit strange adding water to silicone and plastic flowers - they don’t necessarilygrow in water, but it definitely does help make your fake arrangement look real! Plus, you’ve put in so much effort to get to this point: real touch flowers, cutting and bending the stems, finding a perfect may as well throw a cup or two of water in that vase to seal the deal!   


Courtesy of: House Beautiful 



See? Just by using a few of these simple tricks, you can have your favorite blooms gracing your home all Spring and Summer long. All you have to do is use high-quality fake flowers with stunning vessels, and be mindful of the little details of the arrangement.  

Fake flowers give off the same aesthetic charm as real flowers, only without all the maintenance, that’s why we love to carry a variety of high-quality real-touch faux blooms at the boutique. You can shop our faux flowers and gorgeous vases onlineor in store at219 C Mount Hermon Road in Scotts Valley, California.