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Christmas Gift Guide: Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers can be difficult to shop for because they haven’t developed strong interests in anything yet. Oftentimes we know they like dinosaurs, or a certain Disney character, but giving them a toy dinosaur for every birthday and holiday for years gets a little tiring. 

When buying for children between the ages of 1 and 3, the gift should appeal to their developing mind, or have significant value among the household. Because let’s be honest, a gift for a baby or toddler is in many cases a gift for Mom and Dad to make their lives a little easier. 

Whether it be a new silicone bib that’s easy to clean, or an interactive game that helps the child grow and learn, you can find the perfect Christmas gift for the baby and toddler on your list with this 2021 guide with gifts at every price point, from $100, to $25.    

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers Under $25

Jungle Tails Book $24


Age: 0 to 2

“The more senses that you can appeal to within a toddlers experience, the more learning is going to happen.” says Shannon Lockhart, a manager of early-childhood applied practices atHighScope.That’s why this Jungle Tails book is perfect for the developing toddler on your list to learn about how different wild animals look, sound, and feel.   

Mini Grocery Store $21.99

Age: 3 and up 

If a toddler is showing signs of creativity, it’s a thoughtful gesture to appeal to that in some regard with your gift to them. With this clay kit, you can make more than 20 cute clay characters from every aisle of the grocery store, then make a paper craft basket to go shopping! And don’t worry, there are clear instructions and measurements included with the kit! 



Rocks, Gems, and Geodes $24.99 


Age: 3 and up 

This Rocks, Gems, and Geodes kits from Klutz Maker Lab teaches children about science and geology while conducting experimentson rocks to discover their hidden properties. It also teaches you how to make your own rock tumbler.Who knows, there could be a little geologist in your family one day, and this could be the start of their very first rock collection! 

Silicone bib $22 

Age: 6 months to 3+ 

Remember when we mentioned that sometimes the best things to get for a baby or toddler are items that make the parents' lives easier? Well this silicone bib is the epitome of that statement. With a soft, easy to clean design and catch pocket, you can be sure that meals just got a lot easier for Mom and Dad to clean up after.  


Bamboo Headband $25


Age: 0 to 1 year 

Headbands arethe accessory for baby girls, and with more and more information coming out about toxins in the fabrics of cheap children's clothing, showing that you’ve taken the time to buy something that is safe and sustainable will speak volumes to the parents. That’s why you should add this headbandmade from 100% rayon from bamboo to your list if you’re shopping for a baby girl. Trust us, Mom and Dad will thank you, and she will look adorable wearing it!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers Under $50 

Cosmopop Rocket Activity Toy $32

Age: 0 to 3 years 

This Cosmopop Rocket activity toy is a great gift idea for a baby or toddler from birth to the age of 3 because not only does it keep them engaged, it also appeals to their senses which is great for development. This fun rocket toyhas a velcro tum, a squeaky tip and clackity rings, and knotted laces for colourful jets! This is the perfect toy to hang in front of them in the car to keep them entertained for the ride. 

Baby Puppy Hooded Towel $42


Age: 1 to 3 and up  

This hooded towel is an absolute essential for baby bath time. It will keep them warm, cozy, dry, and 100% huggable in 100%. Made with cotton velour terry for optimal quality & softness, this wrap is the ultimate luxury baby gift. 

Dream Big Little One Rock Art $32

Age: Any age! 

This “Dream Big Little One” wall art by Sharon Nowlan depicts a baby whale in the waves. Her rock art collection shows the  beauty in life through evocative beach pebble-inspired artwork. This is a timeless gift that will be cherished for many years to come and makes for the perfect addition of decor to a beach-inspired home. 

Monthly Milestone blanket $34

Age: 0 to 1 year 

Babies grow like weeds,so it’s nice to capture each month of growth with a photoshoot with their very own milestone blanket. This plush monthly milestone blanket is perfect for girls, boys, or even twins, and comes with12 monthly stickers to place on the blanket or the baby's outfit. 

Rose Floral Bamboo Romper $33

Age: 0 to 1 year 

BRB because we are crying over how adorable this Rose Floral Romper is. Not only will the baby be the most stylish in the room wearing this romper, they will be safe from toxins and chemicals as this gem is made with100% rayon from bamboo! 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers Under $100 

Narwhal Snuggler $54 

Age: 3 and up 

Growth Mindset Narwhal helps create a loving bedtime routine that deepens the bond with little ones while teaching them valuable life skills of a growth mindset through stories and the concept of responsibility and teamwork. This adorable set comes with a stuffed narwhal, board book, and affirmation card. 

Big Lovely Tutu Elephant blanket $54


Age: Birth to 3 and up 

Whodoesn’t appreciate a little extra quality snuggle time with toddlers? With a blend of 70% rayon from bamboo for extra softness, and 30% cotton for durability, this three-layer Big Lovey blanket naturally protects sensitive skin with hypoallergenic and anti-microbial qualities.  



Tia Tiger $82

Age: 0 to 3 and up 

For the animal-obsessed child on your list, this Tia Tiger stuffed animal is the ultimate Christmas gift. There’s a good chance this will be their new favorite companion while watching TV or to read a book with Mom or Dad.  



Organic Newborn set $55 

Age: 0 to 3 months 

This elastic-bottomed gown and matching hat set is the perfect gift for the newborn on your Christmas list. Mom and Dad will love snuggling them in this gorgeous set made with 100% organic cotton. Choose from 14 unique designs inspired by nature and wildlife.  

We hope this list at the very least inspired some gift ideas for the babies and toddlers on your Christmas list. They aren’t the easiest to buy for, but your best bet is to focus on items that make everyday life at home easier for the family, foster the child’s development, or speak from the heart. 

If you’re still shopping for the rest of the family for the holidays, you can look at our Christmas Gift Guide for Him, and Christmas Gift Guide for Mom for inspiration.