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A Few Ideas To Brighten Someone's Day

"Today is a great day to practice spreading joy."

 Every morning I wake up, these are the words I'm saying to myself. It isn’t easy - and if I’m honest most nights when I finally go to bed, trying to find some solace in sleep, the despair begins to creep in. However, when I wake up again each morning, I remind myself: it’s a new day! I consider what my family and I can do to spread joy to our Zinnia’s community. 

Good karma is contagious. Brightening someone’s day is too. At Zinnia’s joy is the thing we’re focused on as we find a new way to do business.

It’s been about 2 weeks since the world changed and ‘business as usual’ went completely out the window. However, despite that, we’re feeling incredibly grateful that in January we launched our online shop. It’s given us a new way to reach you, and people far and wide, interested in spreading joy as well. You know us, we're a small team, and right now, my daughter and I are committed to keeping the joy coming as we continue to ship orders everyday. We can’t express enough gratitude to our local community and internet shoppers who have continued to place orders with us either through our online shop or by calling us directly.

Here’s a few ways we’re seeing our shoppers contribute to the cycle of joy:

Sending a "hug."

Hug Care Package from ZInnias

We celebrate those of you that have asked us to create a “hug” care package for the people you love. While none of us can pretend that the world isn’t experiencing an unprecedented crisis, we’re already hearing stories of how these “hugs” have lifted the spirits of your loved ones.

We’ve shipped packages to your children quarantined at college, mothers homeschooling their children and grandparents spending this time without their usual visits from the families they love. We can create packages of any type: whether it’s a self care package, goodies to keep the kids engaged, or items to make family dinners feel extra special - we’ve got lots of ideas for “hugs” and have loved hearing the stories of the joy these are bringing.

"Together" for Easter.

Easter Baskets From Zinnias

With Easter on the horizon we know that many of you won’t be together celebrating. For my family, Easter this year was intended to be extra special. My daughter’s birthday is the same weekend and we had a beautiful weekend of activities planned for her. Our Easter goodies were in the shop before the world was upended, and while you aren’t able to come in and see us to build your loved ones a basket, we are able to build them for you!

I’m personally putting something for my daughter to celebrate her birthday, Easter and the dedication she’s making to our family and our business right now. We’ve already heard from many of you interested in doing something similar. Whether you want to send a bunny or a basket to be "together" while apart, we can work with you to custom create the perfect joy-filled basket. 

Here’s a few other ideas of joy spreaders. These are simple, social distancing approved things we can all do to make someone’s day.

  • Order extra bottles of sanitizer and leave a few on your front porch as a thank you for your local delivery driver or mail carrier.

  • Mail a drawing or craft created by your children to family members quarantined alone.

  • Set up a FaceTime happy hour this weekend for your friends and family. Ask each person to share one thing they’re grateful for.  

In the meantime, until we’re together again, know that I’ll keep waking up each morning with you in my heart and mind. We're here for our community now, and will be long after this time has passed.

With love ~ Dedra