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14 Days of Valentines Day Gifts at Zinnias


Valentines Day is right around the corner, and our boutique is bursting with a little more love than usual with heart-filled gifts for men and women of every age. We wanted to do something special to celebrate love this year, so we're countdown 14 Days of Valentine's Day Gifts. 

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Day 1: 'You are my Person' Tray 


On the first day of our 14-day countdown of Valentine's Day gifts, we're featuring the perfect gift for "Your Person", an elegant tray addressed just to them. Perfect for your perfumes, candles, or whatever other romantic items you feel deserve a beautiful showcase in your home. 




Day 2: Anniversary Porcelain Dishes 


These gorgeous porcelain dishes are perfect for couples celebrating a milestone anniversary this year. They make for a lovely decor element, displayed on a shelf or table, or you can use the dishes more practically by using them as a safe space for your jewelry or keys. 



Day 3: Organic Bath Time Bundle 


What says "I love you" more than something that makes you glow from head to toe? This bundle of organic bath time essentials includes some of the best sellers at Zinnia's, and it's not a wonder why. From the iconic Cottage Greenhouse exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin feeling like a baby's bottom to beautifully scented vegan non-GMO bath bombs, that special someone deserves these ethically made self-care essentials.  



Day 4: Manicure Kit and Cream 


There are 2 ways to go about gift-giving: the sentimental route, or the practical route. It's so touching to receive a gift that speaks from the heart, but sometimes it's nice to get that thing you've been dropping hints about needing for a long time, like this manicure kit, accompanied with iconic Generation Bee Anti Aging Cream.   



Day 5: Grandma's Cookies Baking set 

Who says Valentine's Day can only be celebrated with your partner? We're big fans of spreading the love far and wide to those who need it the most, and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for that. Show Grandma how much you love her (and her baking) this Valentine's Day with this adorable kitchen set made exclusively for your favorite lady!  




Day 6: Marine Multi-Tool and Soap 


Ladies, is your Valentine an adventurer? Does he like to get his hands dirty, and call the ocean his "second home"? If so, then this 8-in-1 marine tool is the perfect gift for him. He'll get a fish scaler and hook remover, a shackle key, a screwdriver, a knife, a bottle opener and a marlinspike-- all perfectly proportioned to fit in his pocket on his next great adventure



Day 7: Organic Self Care Essentials 


There are a few things that are integral to a woman's happiness: family and friends, wine, and self-care. Whether it's an organic ambrosial lotion or a handmade candle, giving the gift of self-love is such a thoughtful gesture. It's a subtle, yet beautiful way to say, "you deserve it all, babe". 



Day 8: Ceramic Darling Plate 

Darling, how precious is this ceramic plate?! We guarantee whoever is lucky enough to get this for Valentine's Day will surely shed a tear or two when they open it. If you struggle with finding the right things to say to express how you feel because words just aren't your love language then this plate might just be the perfect gesture.  

Day 9: Organic Soap 


Women are becoming more conscious of the products they use on their skin and opting for soaps and creams made from natural, organic ingredients. These handmade soaps make for a lovely gift for someone who is considering using more natural skincare products, or for someone who's already a connoisseur in the area of organic beauty to add to their collection!  



Day 10: Spirituality Beginner Pack  

Yogis, spiritual goddesses, peace-seekers: Day 10 of our 14 Days of Valentine's Gifts is for you. 'A Little Bit of Buddha' is a wonderful introduction for anyone who's been feeling unfulfilled by the ways of Western culture and looking for more peace in their lives by exploring the Buddhist thoughts of the East. 



Day 11: 'The Entertainer' Bundle 

Does the person you love, love to host their friends and family? If so, this "Entertainer Bundle" is perfect for them! Featuring the go-to cookbook for hostesses, Big Dipsand an adorable pack of serving dishes, this bundle will make your loved one feel even more confident in the kitchen- and they'll have you to thank for that.    



Day 12: Hand Carved Wooden Figurine 

This delicately hand-carved wooden figurine is a heartfelt gift appropriate for almost anyone you think deserves a little piece of your heart this Valentine's Day- whether it be your Mom, Grandma, or special someone.   



Day 13: Kendra Scott Jewelry  

For day 13, we chose a timeless classic Valentine's Day gift: jewelry. But we're not featuring any old jewelry, we're featuring Kendra Scott jewelry, a sustainable brand that lives up to their name of affordable luxury jewelry. Women of all ages love Kendra Scott's boho-luxe designs, from beach-inspired opal earrings to necklaces with precious stones wrapped in gold. 




Day 14: Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Figurine 

We saved one of the best for last. For the final day of 14 Days of Valentine's Gifts, we're wrapping it up with this gorgeous hand-carved wooden figurine by Willow Tree. This sentimental piece truly tells 1000 words, and "I love you" is just the beginning. Willow Tree designs sculptures that communicate through gestures to represent an emotion or mark a memory (like a wedding anniversary). 



We genuinely love helping our community find the perfect gift when they visit us, but there's something about shopping for Valentine's Day that is extra heartwarming- seeing gentlemen of all ages browsing the self-care goods or delicate trinkets is the sweetest sight. Seeing men and women who care so much about finding that perfect gift that says "I love you" brings so much joy to us and our team at Zinnia's Gift Boutique. 


Let us help you find your perfect Valentine's Day gift at Zinnia's Gift Boutique, located at 219 C Mount Hermon Road in Scotts Valley, or shop our collections of gifts on our website.