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10 Best Organic Newborn Baby Clothes: Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

If someone you know is welcoming a baby in 2022 then it’s time to start thinking about newborn baby gifts. There’s been a rise in demand for organic newborn baby clothes in California over the last few years as new moms are becoming more conscious of what they expose their babies to. 

Sensitive newborn skin deserves nothing but the best material, which means organic apparel that’s clean, chemical-free, and incredibly soft.Not only are organic clothes better for a baby’s health, but organic clothes can last up to five times longer than conventional cotton- so organic clothing is a smart investment, too. 

At Zinnia’s Gift Boutique we house plenty of eco-friendly, organic baby brands, so we decided to countdown our ten best organic newborn baby clothes and eco-friendly baby gift ideas.  

Organic Baby Rattle Toy

Not only are these organic rattles adorable, but they are also made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton and low-impact fibre dye. In order to be GOTS certified, manufacturers have to adhere to specified eco-friendly dyes, so this rattle is indeed a safe newborn toy ​​free from heavy metals and toxins. 

Organic Dress and Leggings Set 

Every mom loves dressing their little baby girl up in a cute dressy outfit, so it only made sense to include this precious organic dress and leggings set on our list of best organic newborn baby clothes. 


When shopping for newborn baby clothes, consider buying a range of sizes to increase the odds of actually getting to see the baby in the outfit you bought them. This eco-friendly baby setis available for newborns and toddlers from ages three to eighteen months. 


Organic Baby Bibs

Once you start researching the effects of the harmful chemicals used in baby clothing and apparel, you will quickly learn the magnitude of the issue, and why moms are being more intentional with what they dress their babies in. For example, studies by NAFTA have shown that imported baby bibscontained chemicals with known links to cancer and hormone-related illnesses. 

Luckily there are safe, organic baby bib optionsout there, like this Avacado bib made with 100% organic cotton. If cared for properly, these bibs will last a lifetime. Newborns go through up to 5 bibs a day, so a safe, quality bib made to last is the perfect gift for a newborn baby. 

Organic Swaddles

This gorgeous swaddle blanket will keep the baby on your shopping list comfy and safe, wrapped in plush, luxurious organic fabric. Each Bamboo Swaddle Blanketcomes in a classic burlap sleeve with a wooden button, so you don’t even have to spend time wrapping this one- the presentation is already on-point! 

Organic Knotted Baby Hat 

Every newborn baby needs a collection of hats to keep their tiny, delicate heads safe and warm. 

These knotted hatswere designed with certified organic cotton, so the lightweight breathable fibre protects the most sensitive of skin with fabric moms can feel safe putting on their baby’s heads.  

There are even organic Footed Rompers and Zipper Pajamas to match the pattern of each hat, making it the perfect newborn eco-friendly gift set. 

Organic Bamboo Burp Cloths

A Baby’s skin is more vulnerable to damage, which means that it needs to be treated with extra special care. When shopping for baby apparel you want to make sure there are noheavy metals or other known toxic substances that could irritate a newborn's skin. 

With a blend of 70% rayon from bamboo for extra softness and 30% cotton for durability, these Burp Cloths naturally protect sensitive skin with hypoallergenic and anti-microbial qualities.  


Organic Hooded Baby Romper 

Safe, organic newborn baby clothes may be a bit less accessible, but they are out there- you just have to be mindful of the details on the tags or on the website under the description of the product.You know just by reading the description of this hooded bamboo romperthat it’s safe for newborns because it was made with100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 

The lined hood and long sleeves add an additional layer of cozy warmth, while the open foot detail enables freedom of play and movement. There is even a thoughtful ring-snap neckline and ring-snap leg openings to make dressing the baby a little easier for Mom.  

Organic Newborn Headbands 

Mom will gush over these adorable organic headbands for her newborn. One size fits most newborns and toddlers, and there are nine different patterns to choose from, including gender-neutral patterns with bunnies and horses. 

Lemon Organic Zipper Pyjamas 

Mom and dad will feel so content tucking their little one in at night when they’re wearing these plush pyjamas made from certified organic cotton.Not only will they sleep tight in safe, chemical-free material, but this luxurious cloud-like fabric will take night-time cuddles to a whole other level.

This gender-neutral zipper PJ set comes packaged in a matching reusable drawstring bag, perfect for taking diaper wipes and diapers on the go. 

Organic Blankets 


Do you know the infamous“blankie” that every child clings to for ultimate comfort? Well, these “lovies” are just like that, only organic and free from toxic dyes.  “Attachment toys” like blankets, help little ones build confidence and feel secure, so not only are these blankies super soft,but they’re actually helping with the child’s development, too!  


Organic cotton is the smart and responsible choice when gift shopping for a newborn or toddler. Organic clothes are free from toxic dyes and chemicals, making them ​​Non-hypoallergenic and safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. Organic clothes last longer than conventionally made clothes,  and of course, are much better for the planet.

The next time you’re shopping for organic, eco-friendly baby clothes in Scotts Valley, California make sure to come and take a look at the collection of organic newborn and toddler clothing at Zinnia’s Gift Boutique. Shop our eco-friendly baby wear online or at our store at 219 C Mount Hermon Road in Scotts Valley.