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My Grandpa

My grandpa is getting old
But that’s how he is, and I love him
This unique look at old age through the eyes of a young bear is big-hearted, poignant, and beautifully observed. Whether they are boldly traveling the world in an armchair or quietly listening to the song of a hidden bird, the mutual adoration of grandfather and grandson is warmly evident. This moving and memorable book about the very special relationship between an elderly grandparent who is beginning to lose his memory and his adoring grandchild is just the book to have on hand for families in a similar situation.

Praise for My Grandpa
"The relationship between grandfather and grandson is evocatively portrayed in this spare but powerful look at the warm interdependency of age and youth."
Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

"The story’s magic is found in its spare illustrations and hushed quiet, as though you were being whispered to under the covers."
The New York Times Book Review

"This gentle and affecting book is narrated by a young bear whose grandfather is exhibiting signs of advanced age and dementia. The simple text uses single sentences that vacillate between the joy of the pair’s loving bond and the young bear’s honest look at Grandpa’s decline… An accessible and touching look at aging for young children."
School Library Journal

"The warm imagery and gentle telling have appeal well beyond the utility of the subject matter and make this an interesting choice for a storytime read-aloud."