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Meditating Owl

There are many reasons why our customers are drawn to Zen Creations, whether it is a common affection towards a particular animal or a more complex spiritual connection. These tranquil creations share a few essential traits which make them visually appealing to people of all walks of life. Every Zen Creation sculpture possesses a sense of calm, an abnormally large head and a robust belly…this mishmash of delight simply make people happy.

They each have a personalized Chinese character etched into the back of their robe. The symbol represents each beings primary attribute. The Meditating Owl’s symbol is Truth.

The product tag reads: “Those who connect with this Zen Creation are Observant, Knowledgeable and Mysterious in Spirit … or they just love owls. Keep this sculpture near as a lasting reminder of all which is good in you. May your life be filled with Truth

Hand crafted in the USA of solid, durable cast-stone. Sealed for outdoor use.

  • 3″ tall by 3″ wide and 1lb

  • Available in a variety of colors – shown in Classic

  • Original Garden Art by Michael Gentilucci

  • Product Tag included